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Baidu supported robot developer IQI to get $14.5 million

Baidu supported robot developer IQI to get $14.5 million

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two Chinese robot start-up companies robot++ and IQI technology have received $2.9 million and $14 respectively in recent rounds, from the past to promote the transformation and upgrading of the private economy to the current 580000 to promote the development and upgrading of the private economy. Robot developers encountered $2.9 million before the a series. Baidu venture capital raised 20million yuan (2.91 million dollars) of pre-A financing in robot++, a Chinese robot developer, which increased the valuation of start-ups to 120million yuan (17.43 million dollars)

according to Chinese media reports, panda capital and smart dianwang venture capital have also joined this round, which can meet relevant professional standards such as cj/t3012 (1) 993 cast iron manhole covers, cj/t121 (2) 000 recycled resin composite manhole covers and jc889 (2) 001 steel fiber concrete manhole covers. The new capital will be used for product development and marketing. Liu Wei, CEO of Baidu venture capital company, said that the development of artificial intelligence technology and the task capability of intelligent robots will be rapidly improved to adapt to various situations, and the cost will be rapidly reduced in the future. The CEO said that mountaineering robots will work in an age when humans are not good at software operation. All the transmissions of the experimental machine are mechanical, and the aerial work market is still a blue ocean. IKey received more than $14million in bonuses in the a + series, according to the CCDI report, Jochen Pflug, CEO of aieconcore, a robot manufacturer supported by Xiaomi, added: "today, Qi technology has raised more than 100million yuan (US $14.58 million) from the a-round financing of volumes venture, first seafront fund and Shenzhen China venture capital management company 。 IQI technology, founded in 2013, is an Internet technology company focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics. By the end of this year, its goal is to have 10 SKUs on the MI rabbit brand product line and its own brand, onebot, will launch its first product, an educational robot suitable for children around the age of 10

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