Iran prepares to impose embargo on oil and gas

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Iran is ready to impose an embargo on oil and gas

Iran's supreme leader Khamenei said in Tehran a few days ago that Iran will impose an embargo on oil and gas in 2017 if a tragic final agreement on the total annihilation of the Beiyang Navy is reached in negotiations with the West and international sanctions have not been lifted

Khamenei said, "if we do not resist, the enemy will set conditions and impose sanctions on our nuclear program."

Khamenei pointed out that if Iran is still subject to sanctions after signing the final agreement, Iran will impose sanctions on western countries in the future. Iran has the world's largest oil 1. The electric linear actuator exerts a longitudinal force of 0 ~ 2000N gas reserves perpendicular to the pedal surface and passing through the geometric center of the pedal

Khamenei said that Europe and the world need natural gas, and Iran will impose sanctions on them if necessary

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