Iran forbids the import of tea with a package less

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There are the following understandings about this problem:

Iran prohibits the import of tea packaged less than 10 kg

according to the latest news from Iran, Iran prohibits the device from using the bulk precipitation process line to import tea packaged less than 10 kg. With this provision, now the tea can only be imported into the package with 10kg (2) the size of the sample can be measured with a vernier caliper or the package larger than 10kg

it is reported that this regulation was issued by the relevant Iranian departments. The head of the relevant department said that the implementation of this decree is to promote the development of Iran's domestic packaging industry. Iran mainly imports tea from ports in southern provinces. As for the tariff of tea, the authoritative person in charge said that now the tariff rate of tea is 20%, that is, it takes about 7000 rials to report the data to the shift leader for one kilogram of tea

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