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Iran wants to order ships with us $120billion, and Chinese shipyards have become the biggest beneficiaries

with the lifting of EU sanctions on Iran in 2016, Iran's national shipping company (IRISL) will return to the international market. Earlier, it was reported that Iran was preparing to spend $120billion to order new ships, and the plan of "Crazy" fleet expansion seemed to be gradually advancing, and Chinese shipyards might become the biggest beneficiaries

new ships will be ordered in Chinese shipyards

it is reported that IRISL recently announced that it plans to order a series of 18000teu 3E class container ships in Chinese shipyards. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. wishes users a happy new year. The total order will reach 600000 te, with 300 connectors of the same type as a batch of u in each floor, about 30 18000teu 3E class container ships. In addition, IRISL said it would also order dozens of grocery ships and bulk carriers. At present, IRISL has a total of 160 ships

mohammad, the newly appointed chairman of IRISL, showed that saeidi said: "the relationship between Iran and the United States and Europe is developing to a new good situation. For IRISL, we will face more and better new opportunities. Therefore, we must improve and develop our port facilities and fleet as soon as possible."

previously, the company had said that it would continue to expand the fleet size before 2020, including 579000teu for container ships, 2million DWT for bulk carriers and 1.6 million dwt for oil tankers. The company also said it expected to raise $120billion through the fund to order new ships

according to Mohammad saeidi, IRISL will order a series of new ships at shipyards in China, South Korea, Japan and India. Due to the impact of previous sanctions, the company will raise $120billion through fund institutions to implement the fleet expansion plan, most of which will be used to order new ships. He revealed that IRISL will mainly use these funds to order new ships in Chinese shipyards. At the same time, IRISL will also consider ordering ships in Korean shipyards and the acquisition plan of second-hand ships, but the initial focus will be to order ships in Chinese shipyards. In view of the release of China's "white list", white list enterprises can obtain corresponding tax and other policy support, IRISL said that it is currently negotiating with Chinese banks to obtain loan support

Iran's lifting of the ban may become one of the world's top 10 shipping powers

although Iran is still subject to some sanctions, so that Iranian flag ships are still prohibited from attaching to the United States and EU countries, with Iran's recent positive response to the nuclear negotiation agreement, the lifting of the corresponding sanctions is also imminent

according to Lloyd's, Mohammad saeidi has said that the Iranian government believes that the EU will lift trade sanctions against Iran in January 2016, when Iran will give priority to returning to the shipping market. Iran's two largest shipping companies, the national oil transportation company of Iran (nitc) and IRISL, were previously affected by EU and US sanctions. Iran's immediate return to the shipping market has become a topic that may be on the agenda between Iran and p5+1 this year. Mohammad saeidi has not disclosed the details of Iran's plan to return to the international shipping market, but said that Iran plans to become one of the world's top 10 shipping powers in the next five years

in addition, IRISL is also discussing the possibility of forming an alliance with other shipping companies as part of its strategic plan for capacity expansion. IRISL once established a joint venture with Indian shipping company (SCI), but after 38 years of operation. Closed after EU and US sanctions in 2013. The company said it would restart the plan of a joint venture with SCI and cooperate with Italian Tom Leander company on developing the Mediterranean market

in addition to IRISL announcing its expansion plan, an Iranian shipyard, isoico, recently announced that it would establish a joint venture with Hyundai Heavy Industry. In addition, the Iranian national tanker company nitc also announced that it would order several vlng vessels from China and South Korea respectively

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