Iran may transfer the remains of the US drone to R

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Iran may transfer the remains of the US drone to Russia. The Russian military industrial complex station reported that the accuracy was not affected by roughness; The latter used the servo system to confirm the news, and Russia made a request to Iran, hoping that Iran would hand over the wreckage of the U.S. military's "Global Hawk" drone to Russia. At present, neither Russia nor Iran has made official comments on this report

thedrive station of the United States recently quoted a source as saying that Iran plans to hand over the current drone wreckage to the Russian army. It is reported that Russia is very interested in the wreckage of the downed UAV and its system. Although only the remains of the American drone were left after it was shot down, some electronic components of the drone were not damaged. Russia can formulate countermeasures against American drones by studying relevant equipment

at this stage, UAV is no longer a supporting role in the US military. Especially in anti-terrorism operations, theater reconnaissance and other aspects, the status of unmanned aerial vehicles seems to be more important. The operational concept of "zero casualties" makes the U.S. military more inclined to use drones to carry out air attack operations and strategic reconnaissance missions, and regard drones as "cameras" in hot spots. The shooting down incident gave the US military a blow in the head. The mobility and defense capability of UAV are "dead holes", and it is easy to be attacked when it is close to the opponent's air defense field. Once it is locked by the enemy in the air, it will be difficult to escape the fate of being shot down. Once the UAV is shot down, it may face major technical losses, and the high development costs, use costs and other indirect costs will be wasted

in 2011, after Iran deceived and captured an American rq-170 "sentry" stealth UAV by using GPS, it has been carrying out reverse cracking and replication engineering for the relative improvement of the development space and ecological environment of the enterprise, and successfully developed the "thunder and lightning" UAV on this basis

the information equipment on the "Global Hawk" UAV, such as synthetic aperture radar, photoelectric reconnaissance equipment, data link, satellite communication, contains the core secrets of the U.S. military's electronic warfare and battlefield network

however, some American personnel believe that the technology of "global Eagle" is not easy to crack through reverse engineering. After all, Iran's scientific and technological level is small and limited. For Russia, which has stronger military science and technology strength, if it gets the opportunity to analyze and study this aircraft, it will not only promote the improvement of its UAV technology, but also may apply the technology of anti US UAV on new fighters or air defense missiles

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