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Israel responded to the air strike on targets in Syria: the bombing was the take-off site of Iran's drones

on August 25 local time, the Israeli military said that it launched an air attack on the targets of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard suspected of launching "drone attacks" against Israel from Syria

according to Reuters 26, Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan conricus said that recently, the soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard al Quds brigade and Shiite militia in rural Damascus, Syria, how did the jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine slip? Erna ('arna ẗ) is ready to launch drone attacks on Israel. The Al Quds brigade and the Shia militia plan to load several kilograms of explosives on multiple drones, and then take off at the same time to attack a target in northern Israel

however, according to Reuters, if you need more information, you are welcome to call and consult. An unnamed senior officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard denied the attack on Iranian facilities and personnel in Syria. He stressed that Iran's "military adviser facilities in Syria have not been attacked"

in his speech, military spokesman conlicus described the drones used by the Al Quds brigade and Shiite militias as "killer drones", saying that their attack accuracy was extremely high. According to the video released by the Israeli army, on the 22nd, four people were walking in an open area in rural Damascus Province, and one of them was holding a drone. Conlicus said that after detecting the threat of drone attack, the Israeli army launched an air strike on the takeoff site of drones in Syria on the 25th

according to the Israeli times on the 26th, konlikus stressed that the casting yield strength testing machine used by the Al Quds brigade and Shia militia is a kind of equipment specially for testing the yield strength of castings. The UAV was sent from Tehran to Damascus airport a few weeks ago, and then transported to a village controlled by the Al Quds brigade in Damascus rural province. However, conlicus did not specify which type of UAV was used by the Al Quds brigade and Shia militia

the Israeli military spokesman also confirmed that two Lebanese citizens, Yasser Ahmad DAHER, 22, and Hassan Yousef zabeeb, 23, were killed in the air strike against the drone launch site on the 25th. Earlier, on the night of the 25th, Hizbullah in Lebanon had admitted that the two were members of Hizbullah

the Israeli military spokesman released the photos of Dahir and zabib traveling together on Iran's Mahan airlines, and claimed that the two had stayed in Iran for a long time in recent years and received training from the Al Quds brigade on manipulating the drone with explosives, which caused the functions of buttons to cross each other. An Israeli military spokesman stressed that the drone attack planned by the Al Quds brigade was personally commanded by major general kashim Sulaimani, the commander of the brigade

in addition, the Israeli military also released satellite photos of the UAV take-off sites before and after the air raid. The photos show that the operation headquarters and Arsenal have been completely destroyed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on his personal twitter account after the air raid on the 25th that Israel would not let Iran go anywhere. "Our Israel Defense Forces will act in every battlefield against Iranian aggression." Netanyahu wrote, "if someone jumps up and wants to kill you, you have to kill him first."

On the 26th, Netanyahu stressed that if any country allowed its territory to be used to carry out attacks against Israel, it would face consequences similar to Syria

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