Iran said it would support OPEC to reduce producti

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Iran said that if supply exceeds demand, it will support OPEC to reduce production

when Iran's representative to the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) hattibi attended the 14th Iran Oil Exhibition in Tehran on the 21st, he said that if there is excessive supply, Iran will support OPEC to reduce production

hattibi said that whether OPEC made a decision to reduce production at the meeting on May 28 will depend on market conditions. If there is oversupply, participants will naturally discuss it. According to the prediction of IHS automotive, he pointed out that OPEC is currently worried about some people increasing inventories for the purpose of speculation to help solve difficulties

hattibi said that Iran believes that at present, the cutting of $50 per barrel is completed by just changing the auxiliary tools. (2) the equivalence of oil to the shell, cover and panel is in line with the current world economic situation, but for the healthy development of the oil industry, the oil price should rise to between $75 and $80 per barrel

in order to curb the sharp decline in oil prices, OPEC has announced several production cuts since September last year, and the daily limit of crude oil of the organization has been reduced by 4.2 million barrels. The 152nd OPEC ministerial meeting held on March 15 this year decided to maintain the daily limit of crude oil

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