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It is predicted that the world packaging board market demand will increase by 2.8% per year. It is expected that the market demand will reach 125million tons by 2010, and the production will be relatively concentrated

Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America are the regions with the fastest growing demand for packaging paperboard in the world. At present, Oceania is the most concentrated area of packaging board production, followed by Africa and Japan. In the next few years, the centralized situation of packaging board production will continue to develop

in the global output of packaging board, North America accounts for 39%, Western Europe 21%, Asia 28%, Latin America 6%, Eastern Europe 3%, and the rest are Africa and Oceania. In terms of production facilities, Nordic and Oceanian countries have the most modern large-scale packaging paperboard machines; Countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa retain the testing equipment of small old spring torsion testing machines. It is expected that in the future, North America and Western Europe will still maintain the leading position in the production of all kinds of fixture holding packaging paperboard. The output before 2010 will still account for 45% of the global total output, and continue to become the main import region of the world packaging paperboard

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