New pure white rape flowers cultivated in Yunnan

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Yunnan has cultivated a new type of pure white rape flower

the rape flower is golden, which seems to be a common sense, but modern science has broken the growth habit of this ancient species. "The new pure white rape flower has come out!" The Biotechnology Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences disclosed recently

this new type of rape is Brassica napus (double low) with high quality. It is understood that the breeding of Brassica napus with double low white flowers is the first time in China. Using the method of modern biotechnology breeding and microspore culture technology, the new double low white flower rape line with stable characters was quickly obtained in less than 5 years, which was at least 15 years faster than the conventional breeding method. This type of white flowered rape has round basal leaves, blue-green leaves and erect seedlings; Compact plant type, plant height 153..8cm; The petals are large and the design color is pure white. Its breeding marks another important step forward in the field of rapeseed biotechnology breeding in China

liganze and wangjingqiao, associate researchers of the Institute of biotechnology, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told me that it cost me twice as much to buy two sets of equipment - my customer ordered the enterprise version of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. I guess the boss of a manufacturer must have been newly raised by your close friends. Please check whether the main motor source or communication line is connected properly! " The new rape varieties have the unique advantages of high quality, high yield and high oil content, which reflect the commitment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. At present, the Institute has bred three new varieties (lines) of "Yinhua No. 1", "Yinhua No. 2" and "Yinhua No. 3" that can be applied to field production, and conducted a field experiment of Yinhua No. 1 in Shangsuan Township, Jinning County, Kunming. During the flowering period, the yellow and white rape field has become a beautiful local landscape

it is reported that the scientific researchers of the Institute have also recently carried out the breeding and research of purple and safflower rape varieties, and it is expected that the double low rape varieties with new flower colors will continue to come out within the year. These colorful rape flowers bred by modern science and technology will create a strange new ecological landscape for China's vast rural areas

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