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On the 11th, it was learned that the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Industry and commerce would further expand the scope of the plastic restriction order, making it clear that retail service places such as restaurants and bookstores would no longer provide free plastic bags

supermarkets welcome thorough environmental protection

the supplementary measures of the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce stipulate that the plastic bags used in supermarkets, including roadside baozi shops, must be marked with food, QS and other signs in addition to enterprise information. The sales of plastic shopping bags that comply with the safety, health and thickness regulations but have not printed the logo, environmental protection statement and safety statement must be stopped in October

after the introduction of the plastic restriction order, supermarkets have said that the use of free roll bags (i.e. hand torn bags) has soared, resulting in new waste of resources and pollution. As a result, ITO Yokado headquarters plans to move the roll bag or cancel the roll bag. The supermarket said that the implementation of the pollution reduction plan would be smoother only with the system guarantee

insiders remind that large and mobile groups such as vegetable markets and street stalls are the blind spots in implementing the plastic restriction order

clothing bags test the marketing strategy of merchants

according to the supplementary provisions, the implementation scope of the plastic restriction order is clearly extended to restaurants, bookstores, clothing stores, building materials stores, etc

for supermarkets, plastic bags are designed to facilitate customers. For garment manufacturers, the Ministry of industry and information technology will also focus on optimizing the development environment of the new material industry. "3D plastic printer will be the fastest growing plastic processing equipment" is a marketing strategy. Liu Li, the clothing owner, has bags with original Japanese paintings, transparent plastic products and paper products. She bought them while shopping in Guangdong. The plastic restriction increased the unit price of her bag by a few cents, but she still insisted on giving customers some nice bags. This important detail kept her business in a high turnover rate. She is playing psychological warfare: the bag is the face of the clothing store. No one wants new clothes to be packed in bags that don't match the grade

however, if the scope of the plastic limit order is extended, she will worry about the pricing. She realized that new marketing methods had to be devised

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