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New regulations for plastic drainage inspection wells recently, the technical regulations for the application of plastic drainage inspection wells jointly issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision has been approved for release and implementation. The Beijing Construction Engineering Materials Association held a publicity and implementation meeting in Beijing

it is reported that the technical specification for the application of plastic drainage inspection wells has developed corresponding inspection equipment and supporting inspection methods during the preparation process, and has learned from and absorbed advanced technologies and concepts from Europe and the United States, making up for the deficiencies and deficiencies of national product standards. The specification provides a technical basis for guiding the engineering design, construction, acceptance, maintenance and maintenance of thermoplastic drainage inspection wells, and is applicable to the buried sewage and rainwater drainage pipeline projects of urban and rural municipal, residential quarters and public buildings newly built, expanded and reconstructed in Beijing

the purpose of this publicity and implementation meeting is to promote the application and development of plastic drainage inspection wells, standardize the engineering design, and help relevant personnel timely understand the main technical contents of the regulations and the key contents to be grasped in the implementation of the high-speed and high-temperature Timken test t spring coefficient imken test machine (oil test temperature 95 ℃, rotating speed 2000r/min) with good correspondence with the driving test results

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