Rheinland egger home brings high-quality bedroom s

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Rheinland egger home brings high-quality bedroom space, renders a quiet bedroom atmosphere, and brings you high-quality sleep enjoyment

simple color matching, simple and elegant gray tone, render a quiet bedroom atmosphere. Although the overall use of cold colors, it reveals a quiet and gentle atmosphere, bringing high-quality sleep enjoyment

modern fashion elements, clean and tidy, the whole space is full of natural literary atmosphere, abandoning the tedious feeling that may be brought by complex lines. Both the background wall and furniture are dominated by straight lines, simple and natural

the push-pull wardrobe has clear zoning and sufficient storage space, the combination of gray and black lines is calm and fashionable, and the anti-collision strip and buffer design greatly improve the experience and safety in use, which is closer to life

different from the traditional corner design, it has a low-key luxury and modern trend, and its functionality is greatly improved. The embellishment of metal lines and dark grey door panels enriches the whole space level, with a wider design and a higher storage capacity





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