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(camellus, high-end villa outdoor building materials) no matter what the outside weather is, under the protection of the sunshine room, you can always smell the fragrance of the soil and see the peaceful green. The beautiful sunshine room, the sky is as clean as a blue, filling all the emptiness between heaven and earth, and people can't help singing on the sunny earth

sunshine room Generally, it is an auxiliary house attached to the main body of the building, and glass is mostly used as the main material, so that people can get better vision and lighting in the house; Especially on sunny days with good light, the indoor temperature rises rapidly, which makes people feel lazy and comfortable

the sunshine room comes from the terrace or balcony. There are also villas covered outdoors. Although the space is small, the general glass windows are large and the light is sufficient, so it is also called the glass room. It not only expands our vision, but also cleverly connects the indoor and outdoor scenery naturally, matches comfortable furniture, plants considerable flowers, and creates a more comfortable and romantic leisure space

sunshine room It is mainly close to the sun, which connects the indoor and outdoor space. Therefore, it should not only be in natural harmony with the outdoor space, but also be consistent with the overall style of the room, so as to achieve the role of transition. Sunshine room is not only a place to relax and rest, but also the best reception and leisure area

feel the four seasons of the indoor and outdoor scenery, let the Mottled sunshine sprinkle in the sunshine room through the leaves, the rain drip on the glass, the stars flicker in the sky, and vaguely integrate with nature, enjoying peace and comfort. Is such a sunshine room what you want





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