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How to decorate 70 square meters? The house type of 70 square meters is not large. The owner can adopt open design, which can make the space appear large. Simple furniture, decoration and ingenious layout planning. The following Xiaobian will introduce you a set of decoration design renderings of 70 square meters small house type, which may let you find some inspiration. I believe you will also like such a simple but not simple home

70 flat decoration effect picture

the small living room not only has no sense of crowding, but also looks very classy and atmospheric. A set of beige leather sofa in the effect drawing of small house decoration design is simple and elegant, laying the tone of the atmosphere and fashion of the living room. The TV background wall made of black marble is simple in shape but shows a stable style. At the same time, it forms a harmonious and unified beauty with the sofa. The lockers above the TV and the sofa background walls are carved with rose patterns, adding romance to the space and breaking the monotony of vision

70 flat decoration effect drawing

standing at the door, you can see the indoor scenery at a glance. The open design in the effect drawing of small house decoration design integrates the three functional areas of living room, dining room and kitchen, brings a sense of visual permeability, and then makes the space look more spacious, making people feel more relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, whether it is the dining table and chair in the restaurant or the overall cabinet in the kitchen, the designers choose furniture and equipment with a full sense of modernity, showing a fashionable concept of life, and the design is also consistent with the whole environment

70 flat decoration effect picture

the bedroom is long and spacious, and a white exquisite sliding door cleverly separates it from other functional areas, ensuring the privacy of the space. The decoration design of this small family bedroom in the picture belongs to the modern European style, and the interior decoration is simple, but an elegant double bed and a group of elegant and beautiful bedside table perfectly show the elegant and noble temperament of the European style, which is a feast for the eyes

70 flat decoration effect picture

70 flat decoration effect picture shows that the decoration style of the bathroom is very fashionable. The waterproof wallpaper on the wall, as well as the mosaic wall tiles, plus the Striped anti-skid carpet, decorate this small bathroom very fashionable. The layout in the bathroom is very reasonable, and the layout is carried out according to the lifestyle used by the public, The key is that the overall decorative effect is very fashionable

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