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With the advent of economic globalization, China's shopping malls have gradually entered the new normal. The pace of development in all walks of life has slowed down, and the emergence of the Internet has changed the concept of consumers. With the competition becoming more and more intense, door and window manufacturers may face a more serious reshuffle crisis in 2017

shopping malls are frequently facing reshuffle

in the past 2016, opportunities and challenges coexist, and there is also a confrontation between door and window manufacturers. Under the influence of a number of factors, the competition between door and window manufacturers is becoming more and more intense. Homogenization and low-cost competition also make the business competition of a wide range of door and window manufacturers more and more disordered, and transformation and innovation have become the most mentioned hot words

Internet + promotes competition diversification

in the critical period of career promotion and transformation, the Internet provides more diversified choices for the transformation and promotion of door and window manufacturers, and also creates more possibilities. Contact the Internet for promotion, expand the brand awareness and cost awareness of door and window manufacturers, and contact the Internet for online sales, which makes the sales of traditional door and window manufacturers more diversified, and is more conducive to the breakthrough of the mall dilemma of the manufacturer

under the development trend of today's new normal, the competition between door and window manufacturers will become more and more intense in 2017. Shopping malls continue to change, and the development thinking and development mode of manufacturers also need to be constantly promoted. Only by mastering the new trend can we help door and window manufacturers get through the professional reshuffle very well




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